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Following on from my previous post on Project Server timesheet line status and project plan and assignment deletions, this blog covers another scenario that can catch you out – the relationship between the assignments and the timesheet with regards to status updates, and the idea that this was worth blogging about came from reading the comments in that previous post – and the thread in the forum referred to in the comment where Treb and Elli had discussed the ramification of this issue.

I had explained it in the thread – but will post here to hopefully reach a wider audience.

Imagine you have 4 timesheets, and one assignment that happens to span all of them.

The first week – and lets call this one w/c 2/17/2014 – has been submitted and approved.

Re-running the summarization and refreshing has not worked over a period of hours.

The client log (server1) files below: Is there any way to clear the client status on the CAS server, and is there a fault with the Management Points in not passing on the status messages? set new CCMUpdates Store = Create Object ("Microsoft. Updates Store") ' Refresh the server compliance state by running the Refresh Server Compliance State method. Refresh Server Compliance State ' Output success message.

Slack is a distributed platform and during any given incident it is rare for all Slack teams to be affected.

You can either call (856) 772-6900 or use the elevator intercom/phone to make a request.

The national status map below, shows local jurisdictions with approved plans (green), approvable-pending-adoption (APA) plans (light green), plans that will expire within 90 days (yellow), and expired plans (red).

Data users can obtain direct access to a geospatial information system (GIS) mapping service through ESRI applications such as Arc GIS Online or Arc GIS Desktop or by utilizing the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) Web Mapping Service (WMS) HTTP interface to request geo-registered map images.

Detailed information on how to access these mapping services is available from the Mitigation Planning Portal GIS Mapping Service Quick Start Guide Fact Sheet.

The Quick Start Guide also includes a complete list of available spatial and tabular data as well as layer hierarchy. Contact our Mapping Information Platform Help Desk at miphelp@As of October 1, 2017, 12 states have received FEMA approval of an enhanced state mitigation plan, making them eligible to receive increased funds under the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program following a disaster declaration Download Original * In 2008, the Marshall Islands (RMI) and the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM) came under the jurisdiction of a compact agreement between FEMA and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), therefore the state mitigation plan requirement is optional for these territories.

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As of October 1, 2017, all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and five territories (Guam, American Samoa, Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, and U. Virgin Islands)* have FEMA-approved state mitigation plans.

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